Research in Action

17 December 2012

The implications of the digital revolution and the proliferation of social media has created many pitfalls and opportunities for marketers.

Perhaps one unexpected consequences of these changes is the capacity that consumers now have to react when companies fail in what they offer. Bad press is constantly viral and it happens quickly. Gone are the days when only Fair Go gave consumers an opportunity to vent their anger.

Now, consumers go online, they go viral.

And how can companies respond? The old research model assumed that companies would undertake a study of their services which would take weeks. Then they'd await a report …more weeks. Months later they'd know they had had service problems but these couldn't be specifically isolated. More importantly they couldn't be acted upon to save a customer or prevent negative publicity.

Those days are over.

Vigil is a new world Research Company that uses the tools the online world has wrought to provide immediate information as and when service failure occurs n widely distributed companies. It allows management in such companies to respond immediately to stem a negative situation.

Just the very act of being able to call an unhappy customer who has just had a poor experience is enough to make a real difference.

But Vigil's services don't end there. Its Intensive service provides detailed long term perspectives of all aspects of the service offering of a company by location and over time so trends and areas of issue can be isolated. In other words a long term strategic understanding of how the company delivers on its promise is constantly benchmarked.

Vigil's offer is delivered using all today's tools – the web, mobiles, iPads. Customers have constant access an immediate alerts. It is truly Research in Action.

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