Are You Just “Keeping Score” or Are You Changing the Game at the same time?

9 February 2013

A lot of organizations make the same mistake when it comes to Customer Experience feedback collection. Are you simply keeping score and a backwards record keep?

It's necessary to internalize the learnings and make changes based on the insights. Instead of a feel good activity and simply keeping score, you should be digging into the survey results and finding those ‘nuggets’ that can make all the difference. If you're just using Customer Experience surveys to keep score or be your method for backward record keeping, then you're missing a massive opportunity.

The companies winning are those who internalize the results, make feedback part of their culture, and implement changes based on results in a positive manner. This is done by listening to those with a key view into the organization: customers.

So you tell me, are you just keeping score or changing the game at the same time?

There's a shift happening. As companies see how feedback can help them improve, they're moving from periodic feedback collection to more regular collection. You'll be surprised how easy it is to change the game for your organization by making a few tweaks to the way you view and approach surveys and the data you collect. 

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