Listen to your customers

25 March 2014

Now more than ever before businesses need to listen to and engage with their customers. Gone are the days when a business could rely on brand loyalty alone. I dot my cap to the older generation still abiding by this principle and who remember the days when businesses were built on sound ethics and good customer service. Today this is not enough, although still very important. Customers (you and I) are driven by new products, gadgets and fads and seem to be willing to pay a higher price for the latest and greatest, whilst we squeeze discounts and other benefits from the more mundane purchases, such as groceries and every day requirements. Only products that fizz command a premium. However, this can quickly change as customers move on to the next trend. It reminds me of wildebeest roaming the African plains as a mass of grey, looking for the sweetest grasses. Drop in a healthy dose of customer service and it may just be the difference between winning or losing customers. Your focus should be customer centric with a willingness to meet customer demands quickly and expertly. When things go wrong with a customer relationship fix them fast. Be prepared to reassure the customer, don’t let the customer sit and stew otherwise before you know it the hyper-information highway will be letting everyone else know about it.

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