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5 May 2014

As products and pricing homogenise, the customer experience is fast becoming the key battleground. And it is no longer a matter of providing good service at the time of the customer interaction. These days it is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE that counts:

  1. Existing environment (external / internal)
  2. Focusing the entire team to deliver the proposed experience
  3. Consistency in execution – every time
  4. Ability to provide regular feedback, preferably two-way

In my experience Number 1 is generally very good, sometimes to the detriment of the other requirements. Huge investments are made in total fit outs, branding and display of product.  Numbers 2&3 are a huge exercise in focus and hard work and require serious investment. However, these elements are often found to be seriously lacking. Part timers not trained, inconsistency in service delivery, overall team work missing and a serious lack of real passion to serve the customer. Online has opened up the opportunity for customers to provide instantaneous feedback, however how many brick and mortar businesses make it easy for customers to provide feedback when you would like to. It’s an automatic reaction of mine to look for easily accessible feedback options when entering a store or business and in 99.9% of cases there is nothing available. I’m expected to Google the business, find their website and then submit my comments over a clumsy web page.

This is no longer appropriate and a very good reason why you should be utilising Vigil services such as Vigil Immediate. Please visit our website at www.vigilcem.com

Richard Potton – Managing Director Vigil Ltd. Email: richard@vigil.net.nz

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