Vigil is a customer experience management tool that helps companies monitor their service performance wherever and whenever it occurs.

Customer experience is the single most important element in achieving success across all industries and sectors.  Study after study shows that the single biggest cause of failure for public and private sector organisations isn’t product related – it all comes down to the experience customers have. A restaurant can have heavenly food but lipstick left on a glass can shatter the customer experience.

Providing a great customer experience turns customers in to advocates. 53% of customers would recommend a business after experiencing superior customer service. On the other hand, 74% of customers tell others about poor treatment and 20% have posted negative feedback online. An increasing number of customers are turning to social media to voice their complaints, which as we know, spreads bad news like wildfire.

Vigil provides customers with an avenue to voice their praise or complaints. This shows you what your customers care about, where there is potential for improvement and allows you to celebrate superior service as it happens or fix a problem before the news spreads. Asking your customers for their feedback also illustrates you value their opinions.

Key features:

  • Vigil sets up the study to ensure you get an accurate and immediate read of your service delivery
  • Vigil delivers Point of Sale material to ensure the programme receives the right customer attention
  • Vigil delivers long-term collated data that provides insight into your people’s service delivery across your network
  • Only Vigil offers: Text response as an option // QR code at Point of Sale // Web-link accessed from anywhere

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Examples of Vigil Immediate alert messages.


Scan QR Codes to provide feedback

Real-time online customer feedback allows you to act now.

Enable your customers to provide feedback using today’s modern devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and iPads, allowing constant and immediate access to customer alerts via your own online dashboard. It is truly Research in Action. REQUEST A DEMO


Performance reporting on the Executive Dashboard


Start a conversation with your customers in the technology of their choice from anywhere and at any time.

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