Why Vigil Intensive?

  • Traditional employee and leadership training methods are cumbersome, costly and outdated.
  • Some team members are motivated, upbeat and enthusiastic, whilst others are negative, demotivated and simply miserable?
  • On average 86% of the global workforce is ‘disengaged’:
    • 14% are Engaged (go beyond and above)
    • 67% are Disengaged (do bare minimum to get by)
    • 19% are Actively Disengaged (undermine the company)
  • The impact on organisations is huge, and estimated to cost US$560 billion annually in lost productivity.

So what is Vigil Intensive with Effort Scores?

  • Vigil Intensive uses the POWER of self questioning to improve Engagement, Productivity, Staff Turn, Absenteeism, Customer Retention and Profitability.
  • An initial Team Engagement survey to set a benchmark.
  • Active versus Passive ten question survey over a 90 day period.
  • Active ‘Effort’ scores are submitted Daily by team members.
  • Weekly 10 minute ‘Effort Review’ with Team Leader.
  • External Coach oversees the programme and advises.

Whole Team Engagement: A whole of team approach with the team leader being central

The Process

  • ‘FREE’ Team Engagement survey to create benchmark by which to measure progress (set questions).
  • Active Effort questions (max 10) established and loaded to the online portal, and link provided to participants.
  • Teams use personal smartphones to submit daily results.
  • Daily motivational Text messages sent to team smartphones, plus reminder Text to submit Effort scores.
  • Weekly report for individual Team Member and Leader.
  • Weekly 10 minute ‘Effort Review’ with Team Leader.
  • Goal Setting and weekly Effort Review training assistance.

What Outcome Can You Expect?
On average, a fully engaged workforce has:

  • 22% higher Profitability
  • 21% higher Productivity
  • 10% higher Customer Engagement
  • 65% lower Staff Turnover
  • 37% less absenteeism


Thanks Richard,
It’s been a great exercise, and thanks for all the effort with the reports and follow up.
It’s certainly been a great tool and I’ve noticed a massive change, not only in my team’s thinking, but also my own.
Probably the biggest change I have noticed in both myself and the team is a more structured purpose for the day, and I even find myself making active self-goals for short- and medium-term goals for the store and myself. Definitely a great investment!
Been great working with you and look forward to continuing this process through the store daily.
~ Jurgen Zywko-Hicks | Proprietor | Harvey Norman Stores (NZ)


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